In case you’re new to my content, I’m Diana 😀

From starting my own pet-sitting side hustle where I made $6K to $8K per month when I was a broke part-time SMM to currently being head of content at VEED since we were just a team of seven—working in content has been a wild ride!

I’ve learned how to:

  • Think about and then create content that resonates with readers/viewers
  • Have candid conversations so I rid myself of the “misunderstood” label
  • Align content with a company’s goals so my work’s value is clear
  • Trust my instincts, not lose my creativity, and keep my sanity

I write, design, and make videos to help people in content roles (creators, marketers, social, writers) in that awkward almost mid-level stage of their career make the right content and position themselves as someone any company would be lucky to have on their side.

Not sure what to read first?

Here are three of my most popular guides:

  1. 15 Lessons to be a Happier and Well-Paid Creator and Marketer
  2. The 5-Step Process I Built After Making 7,000+ Videos
  3. 8 Things In-Demand Writers Do Better

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