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Diana Briceno

#TUC 10 Goodbye to this chapter for now

I wanted to get to at least 12 issues (1 year) of running this newsletter before deciding to double down on it or pivot to something new.  This year life happened (in both a painful and beautiful way). I want to share this personal story with you to explain why...

Diana Briceno

TUC #009: Avoid my newbie mistakes

I just wrapped up Q4 roadmapping and was reflecting on what worked and what didn't. But because it's almost the end of the year I want to zoom out beyond the scope of a quarter and share with you 4 lessons I've learned in the last four years at VEED....

Diana Briceno

TUC #008: Setting Content KPIs

Today I’m sharing about the content metrics I report on and my journey to switch my KPIs. With this read I’m offering a window for you to peek into my experience rather than a tutorial offering advice on what to do.  In short, here are all the metrics...

Diana Briceno

TUC #007: How do you prioritize content channels?

Here's what we're talking about this month: * 🙋‍♀️ Q&A: How do you choose which content channels to invest in? * ✅ To-Do List: What kind of stuff I'm doing and why * 💼 Jobs: Product marketing 🙋‍♀️ Q&A: How do you choose which content channels to invest in at VEED? (Submitted via LinkedIn by...

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