If someone offers you a role and you reaaaallly want it but you don’t feel “ready” because you’re not the most qualified....TAKE IT!

Pressure, passion, and the right environment will be some of your greatest teachers.

You hear all the time how being “ready” is an illusion. It’s a lie we feed ourselves right? But maybe sometimes we brush it off and look at whoever said it like “yeah, whatever, easy for YOU to say…”

So let me give you some examples from my own experience to show you ready is an excuse for procrastination.

Example #1 | Landing My First Marketing Job

I applied to hundreds of internships. Apparently I didn’t have the 5+ years of experience an intern should have? But I finally got a call back for an interview. I blurted out how nervous I was when I didn’t know the answer to a question. But I guess I left a good impression because I was offered the internship.

A few months into my internship someone quit and a full-time spot opened up. I wasn’t ready.

  • I hadn’t finished my degree
  • Didn’t know what an email newsletter was supposed to do
  • Had no clue how to work a DSLR to take photos for social
  • I hadn’t really done anything impressive because I was just an intern

But I wanted it the job. So I applied and told my director and colleagues I wanted the job. On my birthday they surprised me with my first full-time marketing job. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tick off every box of requirements. Create opportunities to show what else there is to you that a piece of paper simply can’t cover.

Example #2 | Getting My Job at VEED

Similar to example #1, I was NOT ready here either. At this point I had worked in social media primarily. My highest title was Social Media Director although to be honest titles don’t mean much oftentimes.

I’d also held more general roles like Marketing Manager meaning I took on a variety of work from email marketing to influencer marketing to being the content writer.

So when I hopped on a customer service chat and ended up on a video call talking to Sabba, VEED’s co-founder, I was curious to learn more about the marketing behind the tool I love so much. After they solved my problem, I asked and learned about their challenges and I pitched myself (below is part of the chat before we hopped on a call).

A week later, I had VEED on a 3-month service agreement. And by the end of those 3 months I was offered a role as their Head of Content.

It felt like quite the leap going from being a “social media person” to this bigger picture “content person”. But if anyone can do it it’s me. And it’s not because I’m the smartest person because I’m not. I just have an insane desire to prove myself, passion for my work, and hunger to work in places that align with who I am personally and professionally.

So I said yes and here I am.

Every week I have moments I doubt myself. These things don’t just disappear. What changes is we learn how to work past them. But the issue is people say no to opportunities OR they don’t even make the moves because they don’t believe in themselves enough.

Recognize that in your life, you might’ve been conditioned to think small for yourself and that certain things just can’t happen for you. And while we all face different challenges, there are countless paths to reach the same goal. Some of our paths are more challenging than others but nonetheless, the path is there.

Your home work this week is to challenge yourself to think bigger and think more highly of yourself. What do you want? What do you need to start doing to make it happen?

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