What kind of topics are you qualified to write guides and tutorials on?

▶︎ Video Marketing
▶︎ Content Writing
▶︎ Video Creation
▶︎ Instagram
▶︎ YouTube

I'm also open to thought leadership-style posts where my POV would bring value to your readership. I enjoy documenting and sharing my lessons on...

▶︎ Creativity and preserving original thinking
▶︎ Mental health and well-being for creators
▶︎ Hiring freelance writers
▶︎ Working in content

What are your rates?

My rates start at $2,500 for 2,000 words.

What does your rate include?

Being head of content at VEED and running a successful blog with 160,000 engaged readers entirely by myself means I bring knowledge and experience most other freelance writers don't have the experience to give you.

With me you don't have to worry about all the heavy lifting you normally have to stress about doing yourself or having other people help you with.